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55LV5500 LG Plasma

This is an LG Plasma. Model number 55LV500-UA
Serial No: 104RMYA0B794
It has this problem, where all image is blurred into the screen, and it remains for a few seconds after its supposed to change, its even worst with an actual signal.
The problem started one day when i turned on both the PS4 and XBOX ONE that were connected to it, when the TV was turned on, it flashed and some lines appeared both horizontally and diagonally, and the image was stuck like that, ghosting everything and impossible to watch.
Nick Marinelli : did you ever get this fixed? mine is doing the same thing
Samuel Horton : Were you able to fix this issue? I have the exact model and problem. leaning towards a faulty T-con board...
Alex : +Nick Marinelli I will probably take it in this weekend now that you've reminded me. I'd hate to throw its way of it's an easy fix.
Nick Marinelli : +Edwin Lopez thanks for the update. let me know if you ever figure it out.
Alex : No. I bought a new one and have this on the side till I decide to fix it and put it in the kids room or something.

How to repair LG 55LV5500 55LW5500 no image due to bad tcon 6870C-0369C

Mike : $26  .85https://www.ebay.com/p/LG-55lw5600-T-con-Board-6870c-0369c-6871l-2710c-With-Ribbon-Cables/2256026881
Coppell TV Repair LLC : Let's say it is $16.
How many people will choose to pay $16 and wait 2 weeks while praying something ordered from China works this time for a difference versus wrapping it up in 20 minutes (if they are in the biz) or in two days for the cost of pretty much shipping from Mouser or DigiKey?

Functionality proof LG 55LV5500-UA main board EAX61748102(0) based for sst_radio

Repair for LG 55LV5500-UA main board:




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