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Cold Process Soap Making Swirling and Pouring Compilation

Take a look at the best part of soap making, the pouring and swirling! Enjoy these swirls from 12 different batches.

1.) Taiwan Circling Swirl

2.) Marbling Swirl

3.) Marbling Swirl

4.) Heart Swirl

5.) Taiwan Swirl

6.) In the Pot Swirl / Clam Shell Swirl

7.) Taiwan Swirl - No Video
8.) Cosmic Wave Swirl

9.) Taiwan Circling Swirl https://www.elementsbathandbody.com/in-the-key-of-purple-soap-recipe/
10.) Taiwan Swirl
11.) Cosmic Wave

12.) Dancing Funnel

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¡Que pasa ecomanitas! Seguramente muchas veces habrás visto objetos coloreados con un efecto como marmoleado que queda impresionante.

Si quieres aprender como realizar este efecto swirling con pintura en spray no te despegues de la pantalla y presta mucha atención al paso a paso que te traigo hoy para lograr esta increible técnica de manera sencilla.
- Recipiente con agua
- Pintura Spray Acrílica: https://amzn.to/2z2GzBg
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Swirling(Finished Swirled Ibanez RG350 Guitar)


Hey guys a before and after video of this Ibanez RG350 Guitar.It is now completely finished,beautifully Swirled and clear coated to a very high standard.Totally refurbished,frets leveled \u0026 polished with the fret board being lightly sanded \u0026 conditioned.Everything on this guitar is original except new screws on scratch plate \u0026 trem cover.Clear coat is high gloss polyurethane that has been sanded \u0026 polished to a very high level as one would expect from a much more expensive guitar.Swirled using 3 colours it looks stunning and sounds Awesome.This Ibanez is up for sale,if interested get in touch with myself @ deansands@btinternet.com.Subscribe MORE TO COME!!

Swirling \u0026 Finishing DeanSwirled




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